Top 10 Online Invoicing Software for Subcontractors



Subcontracting can be a tough nut to crack. Not only do you need to manage operations, but you also need to handle paperwork and maintain a smooth cash flow. Thus, it is a must to have tools that let you automate tasks like good online invoicing software.

Moreover, you will also need to integrate it with other solutions for task management, making receipts, managing sales, and ensuring overall business growth.

However, all of these will come at a slightly later stage of your business. Before that, you need to ensure a smooth cash flow and that is possible only when you are sending invoices with good invoicing software for subcontractors.

1.Moon Invoice

If you are tired of designing invoices and tracking time for your tasks, then Moon Invoice is there to kill your woes. This online invoicing software lets you customize invoices and collect faster payments. With 66+ subcontractor invoice templates, you can design invoices in minutes even if you have never made one before.

Moreover, you can easily automate payment reminders and manage projects with ease on a single dashboard. If you wish to stay miles ahead of your competitors then look no further than Moon Invoice.


  • Bronze Plan- 5.47 USD/Month
  • Silver Plan- 6.83 USD/Month
  • Gold Plan– 10.25 USD/Month

Free Trial for 7 Days! No Credit Card Required.

2. PayEm

A global procurement, invoicing, and billing platform, PayEm is all you need to establish control over your business’s financial processes. Not only can you streamline bill payments, but you can also seamlessly automate your accounts payable process.

The solution is ideal for both individual contributors and enterprise owners. Last but not least, its pricing fits your budget and you can decide which features to keep.


Custom Pricing

3. Vcita

A tailored cloud solution for invoicing, lead generation, SMS marketing, and client management, Vcita is one of the top choices for small businesses and medium-sized business owners. Wait there is more to it! Client communication, online payment online payments, and scheduling you name it and Vcita offers it all!

You can make and receive online payments and send customized invoices at the drop of a hat. Moreover, you can easily add a “Pay Now” button on your invoices with multiple payment options to build smooth relations with your clients. The best part is that you can pay with Credit cards and even PayPal.


140 USD/year

4. Zola Suite

Ideal for legal practice, Zola Suite will help you save time and money when generating invoices and handling bills. Moreover, you get access to all your business operations in a single view.

You can easily store data and access it securely. With calendar management tools and an in-built accounting system. Last but not least, you can integrate it with Google Drive, IMAP, OneDrive, Google Calendar, and Office 365.


  • Enterprise Plan: 79 USD/month
  • Enterprise Plus Plan: 89 USD/month
  • Enterprise Advanced Plan: 139 USD/month

5. Melio

Melio is ideal for making invoices and clearing bills via bank transfer and debit/credit cards. All you need to do is to upload files of your invoices and add vendor details to Melio.

While bank transfers are free with Melio, credit card payments will cost 2.9%. The best part is that Melio will handle all things related to check delivery and there is no need for the vendor to have a Melio account.


Free tool with 0 subscription fees

6. KashFlow

6th on our list is KashFlow. Its user-friendly interface is ideal for those looking to manage their finances with ease. Not only can you address changes in real-time, but you can also integrate them with project management software and CRMs.

This will help you boost your productivity by 10x. Lastly, you can use it for invoicing, payroll management, invoicing, and financial reporting to see a smooth jump in your revenue.

Free Trial

14 days and then 13.20 USD/month

7. Volopay

Your search for all-inclusive financial management ends at Volopay. You can easily share invoices, clear bill payments, manage expenses, and integrate it with other software. The icing on the cake is its reporting features, customer support functionalities, and easy-to-use interface.



8. Accounting Suite

With 100+ subcontractor invoice templates, Accounting Suite makes it super easy to streamline accounting and financing operations. Generate reports, and invoices, and track invoices in real-time.

Moreover, it can easily be integrated with QuickBooks, Shopify, and Stripe to eliminate all your accounting-related issues. Accounting Suite’s expense tracking functionalities are one-of-a-kind making it a favorite among small business owners.


Free trial for 30 days and then 19 USD/month

9. Tipalti

Based on the cloud, Tipalti is ideal for payment remittance, tax compliance, and processing invoices. The best part is you can use it to onboard suppliers and make payments in 190+ countries. Wait, there is more to it!

It offers service portals and communication functionalities which make it a must-have for all businesses. Additionally, it integrates with ERP systems making it a seamless accounting software for small businesses and enterprises.


129 USD/month

10. ZipBooks

Last on our list of subcontractor invoice tools is ZipBooks. It offers seamless budgeting and financing modules, automated invoicing functionalities, report generation features, and color-coded interfaces.

Additionally, you get access to advanced analytics, billing and payment reminders, auto-categorization facilities, and smart expense tracking. Thus, it is a must-have tool for busy subcontractors who are looking forward to streamlining business operations at lower costs.


  • Starter- Free
  • Smarter- 15 USD/month
  • Sophisticated- 35 USD/month
  • Services- 125 USD/month

Wrapping Up

These were some of the best online invoicing software for subcontractors. Make sure you pick the solution that fulfills your requirements and fits your budget. So, wait no longer and invest in good invoicing software for subcontractors to streamline your operations.

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