Three Actions That Make You An Awful Writer



As an aspiring writer, you should know about the things that can make you fall into the category of an awful writer. As starters, you will fall into the category of awful writers when you constantly compare yourself to other writers who are better than you.

If you constantly find yourself in a situation where you keep comparing yourself to more successful writers to the point that you believe yourself to be a failure, you are setting yourself up to be one. Of course, you will want to keep reading your favorite books – but – if you read one page of your rough draft and compare it to page twenty of your favorite book, you will end up crying and getting nothing done in the process.

Here are some other things that you shouldn’t do unless you want to be a bad writer. 

Avoid Feedback

Another mistake that you want to avoid at all costs unless you want to be a terrible writer is to avoid criticism and constructive feedback. If you are afraid of criticism, the worst thing you can do is to keep your writing to yourself. 

You might as well give into fear and never allow yourself to get feedback on your work. Of course, you understand that writing puts you in a vulnerable spot, and who wants to be in a vulnerable spot? Absolutely no good writers are looking for ways to improve their craft.

Nonetheless, if you truly are an awful writer, you will do anything and everything to avoid getting valuable feedback. You might as well refrain from using the best writing apps online, as apps like these can help you with useful suggestions, correcting grammar, and completing your writing project on time. 

Nonetheless, if you shun anything that adds value to your writing career, you are indeed a terrible writer. If you are writing a novel, you are letting other people into your imagination and dreams. They might as well have thought about how you can improve your writing.

Some of these people might give you fair advice by sharing constructive criticism. And if you believe that constructive criticism is bad, you are getting nowhere with your project. As a matter of fact, you are only pushing yourself further down the category of terrible writers. 

As a terrible writer, you might as well have doubts about editors and see them as parasites or your worst enemies. Also, if your friend gives you feedback or advice on writing, you might better block them, too. But – if you truly want to excel in your writing career, you will want to be open to criticism and feedback and understand the importance of editors and beta writers. 

You Are Not Curious

Another dead giveaway that you are an awful writer is when you have killed your curiosity. You might be only reading books that align with your values and likes in all aspects. You might refrain from reading anything intellectually challenging. You might also live in a bubble and fear expanding your artistic taste. 

If you aren’t curious, you might as well avoid consuming anything that didn’t come out this very year. You might refrain from reading classics as you might find the past incredibly irrelevant in the age of the internet. Have you heard of Shakespeare or Chaucer? If not – then you certainly fall into the category of writers who do want to get out of their comfort zones and explore all sorts of books.

If you want to be a good writer, you should read all sorts of books. If you cannot get yourself to write other genres and classics, then you are setting yourself up for failure and might as well join the group of terrible writers. 

You might do worse and be discerning with modern works regarding what you read and listen to. Writers are artists as they realize that there are tons of thought-provoking content and art out there. But – if you believe that this kind of art should be avoided, then you are far from becoming a good writer. 

The worst you can do is to stick to your genre and only read books of that genre. For instance, if you like fantasy, you will want to read other genres as well. Also, if you really like a book, you should always read its criticism as well. You should feel comfortable with reading what critics have to say about your favorite book or piece of art.

As a writer, you would like to explore questions and mysteries instead of preaching the messages you believe to be true. As a great and successful writer, having an open and flexible mind is mandatory. If you shut down everything but like to stick to your favorite things only while avoiding all criticism, then you are setting yourself up to become a terrible writer. 

Consume Passively

Another mistake that you might be making, which could be prompting you to become a terrible writer, is the mistake of consuming passively. You might read all the books and online content out there that guides novice writers about writing without ever trying to do anything. 

Do you find yourself binge-consuming content about how to write without ever implementing the tips? If yes, then you might as well read tons of books without actively asking yourself what makes the books good or bad.

These things get you in a position where you are always stimulated, and you never feel bored. But – when will you be taking action? If you are constantly consuming content but never taking action, you are getting nowhere but only escaping boredom. The only thing you spend your time on is consuming and regurgitating whatever you are consuming.

If you are a passive consumer of tips, then you already have joined the category of awful writers. While you are at it, you might as well challenge yourself to spend as much time as possible on social media. Does 12 hours of passive screen time sound good to you? We really hope not – otherwise – you are indeed an awful writer

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